Sedef Shipyard has made various investments in technology, innovation, planning and administrative capabilities that align with its strategies that put technology and people into its center. Thanks to this approach, Sedef Shipyard has been approved by Turkey’s Ministry of Industry and Technology on May 5th, 2017 as the 459th Research & Development (R&D) center in Turkey.
Sedef Gemi Research & Development Center has taken on itself to be a productive, environment friendly, and sustainable solution center; and has completed numerous quality studies that contributed to projects ranging from development of production lines to design and introduction of new products. With this mission in mind and its proven performance in creating value for the shipbuilding industry, Sedef Shipyard also aims to enhance the domestic contribution in national vessels. Through keeping close track of global technological developments and the successful implementation and integration of these technologies to its projects, Sedef Gemi R&D Center has also made itself a reputable name in the international arena. Sedef Gemi R&D Center constantly cooperates with industry experts, respected academics, and other R&D institutions to enable successful completion of new projects.

Capabilities and goals of Sedef Gemi R&D Center:

  • Develop domestic and national products for the industry that will serve both Turkish and global shipbuilding industry.
  • Approach client needs with a solution centric and innovative mindset.
  • Bridge the gap between theory and practice by cooperating with leading research institutions.
  • Design and produce hydrodynamic – hydrostatic systems.
  • Develop models and softwares for sector and product components.
  • Contribute to developing automated systems in shipbuilding.
  • Develop projects that focus on Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
  • Find solutions for digitalization of production lines.
  • Contribute to making the global shipbuilding industry a leading force in innovative projects.
  • Follow up with global technologies closely and implement the resulting experiences and gains to Sedef’s projects in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Conduct Technology Acquisition Obligation projects.
  • Support all academic studies of employees in pursuit of personal and professional growth.
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