Human Resources Policy

With its HR policy; Sedef Shipyard aims to nurture individuals and teams that can proactively provide for the needs of the industry, that have a high sense of loyalty within and to the values and culture of the Sedef Shipyard, that are motivated and creative in adding value to the company as well as the industry in general.

As a leading player in the industry, Sedef Shipyard has adopted the following principles that make up its HR policy with an aim to put its people in the center of all things:

  • Care for employees,
  • Continuous support for their training and development,
  • Utmost attention for their health, safety, and well-being,
  • and objective performance valuation.

Selection and Positioning

  • Sedef Shipyard works with effective hiring tools to become a preferred company and attract talented individuals.
  • With the “Right Person for the Right Job” mindset, Sedef Shipyard monitors all applications sourced from different platforms to find the best possible resources for positions.
  • In addition to standard qualifications necessary for a position, Sedef Shipyard also places high value to the seven core competencies listed below:
    • Appreciation of and care for people
    • Dedication to ethical behaviour
    • Open mindset for change and development
    • Sense of responsibility and following up
    • Personal maturity and self-control
    • Teamwork
    • Productivity and creativity
  • Depending on the requirements of a position, the company utilizes all or some of the valuation processes; namely, interviews, personality test, and English proficiency test.
  • An orientation and training period follows upon a new colleague joining the company.

Performance Management

  • Performance management at Sedef Shipyard is observed through adoption of goals in line with company strategies in all levels of the company.
  • Sedef Performance Management process is oriented towards a high performance culture and consists of evaluation of work and competency goals on an online platform.
  • Evaluation of goals and performance throughout the year comes to an end with mutual feedback meetings between the employee and his/her direct manager at the end of the year.
  • Sedef Shipyard utilizes the outcomes of its performance management system in training, development, career management, and reward processes.

Career Management

Sedef Shipyard aims to identify employees with high potentials and work with them to plan a route towards constant development and promotion.

  • It tries to identify skills and traces their development in a planned manner to prepare for continuation of its employees’ performance in higher ranks.
  • Promotions are decided based on performance results, manager feedback, and competency evaluation processes.
  • Career plans of all employees are closely monitored through recurring HR meetings.

Training and Development

Providing opportunities to enhance employees’ vocational knowledge, skills, and development is very important to Sedef Shipyard. Hence, along with HR providing various training processes throughout the year, it allows and encourages employees to make requests for specific trainings. Through this vigorous training and development planning, Sedef Shipyard aims to both contribute to its human capital and secure sustainable quality service to its customers through continued superior performance and backup of critical positions.

Compensation Management

In accordance with its equality principle, Sedef Shipyard does not discriminate against gender, religion, language, ethnicity, identity, and/or any other potentially differentiating quality; and ensures equal compensation and side benefits to employees performing similar works. Compensation is set independently of individuals and by gauging the contribution of each position to the company and in parallel the market conditions. Sustainably providing a competitive, consistent, and fair compensation and side benefit model is one of the top priorities for the company.

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