• 1972 Established by STFA in Gebze Diliskelesi.
  • 1990 Moved all shipbuilding activities to its current location in Tuzla.
  • 2000 Joined Turkon Holding Group.
  • 2001-2003Signed a Technology and Know-How Transfer Agreement with Germany’s Flensburger Shipyard.
  • 2005Started the first phase of the investment programme. Annual shipbuilding and steel work capacity increased to 600.000 DWT and 100.000 DWT, respectively.
  • 2006 Commissioned a semi-wet dock of 250m x 41.2m.
  • 2006 Commissioned a portal crane with 400 ton lifting capacity.
  • 2006 Constructed 4x environment friendly mega painting halls.
  • 2008 Increased the shipyard area to 194.000 square meters.
  • 2008 Commissioned the 310m x 50m dry dock with capacity to build vessels up to 180.000 DWT.
  • 2009 Established a new facility in Orhanlı to support the shipyard’s new capacity.
  • 2009 Completed and attained certifications to build naval vessels.
  • 2013 Commissioned its second automated panel line system with annual 50.000 tons capacity.
  • 2013 Won the tender offer to build the largest vessel of Turkish Naval Forces: Turkey’s first Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu.
  • 2015 Finalized Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu signatures, and officially commissioned the project.
  • 2016 Started the second phase of the investment programme .
  • 2019 Launched the Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu, officially recognizing it as a floating vessel.
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