Quality Policy

1) The quality in Sedef Shipyard’s works and services is managed in ways that enable achievement of quality levels set in its vision and projected profit levels with minimum cost and time.

2) All activities of the company that goes into its products, services and relationships are handled to provide customers with highest possible satisfaction and make them into repeat business partners with Sedef Shipyard as their preferred choice in shipbuilding. Sedef Shipyard continuously monitors and evaluates the current and potential expectations of the customers and the greater market to align with its business strategies.

3) Core activity processes and their competencies are constantly monitored to abide with Article 1 of Quality Management Systems (QMS) outlined in the Integrated Management System (IMS) Manual. The resources that are utilized towards sustainably achieving this goal are also constantly measured, evaluated, and developed for efficiency.

4) Quality enhancement goals are always set in coordination with Sedef Shipyard’s strategies and business plan to protect its position as a leading brand in the sector. To that end, Quality Policy is reviewed annually.

5) Quality mindset and customer demands are first priority references to how work is done and evaluated at Sedef Shipyard. Quality goals are also one of the principal factors in employee performance evaluations.

6) Sedef Shipyard employees make up the principal factor for both production and QMS. For this reason, the company invests in the human capital in terms of quality and quantity and works to create a high efficiency environment where employees’ can develop their creativity and skills along with pursuing their educational and professional plans.   

7) Sedef Shipyard continuously works to create relationships with its material and work force suppliers to enhance efficiency and productivity in its production processes that will bring all parties closer to shared goals. In this regard, conformity with QMS is one of the major factors in evaluation of supplier performance.

8) Upper management is the immediate owner of and responsible for the implementation of these principles, and serve as the executive model.


Environmental Policy

Sedef Shipyard strives to take all necessary precautions to minimize its negative impact on the environment in order to contribute to a sustainable future.

In all its decisions, the management acts with the understanding that there are certain set of environmental principles that governs the company’s activities, including all projects the company is involved in; and that it is the company’s responsibility to act in the benefit of the environment.

In accordance with this, Sedef Shipyard implements the Environmental Management System and periodically reviews its policies to align with changing conditions; to enhance its performance. Consequently, Sedef Shipyard:

Abides by all domestic and international laws and regulations governing corporate environmental behaviour and acts in accordance with highest international standards.

Tries to prevent any negative impact before it occurs by taking all environmental factors into account in the planning of products and processes.

Sets and reviews annual goals to reduce any waste of electricity, fuel, and water.

Takes precautions to reduce any solid, liquid, and gas waste that may arise as a result of its activities; and recycles when and where possible.

Takes precautions to reduce any environmental impacts that may occur in the case of accidents and emergencies.

Works to raise awareness among employees by providing environmental trainings.

Works with regulatory bodies, suppliers, and other industry participants to raise the environmental standards collectively.

Sedef Shipyard aims to eliminate any and all accidents and threats that may have negative implications on the environment by adopting a proactive mindset that allows for planning and precautions before anything occurs rather than a reactive one. In this regard, Sedef Shipyard has a “No Mistakes, No Accidents” goal to protect the safety of its environment and its people.

Information Security Policy

Sedef Shipyard undertakes to establish an Information Security Management System (ISMS) for all units that use and provide the information and processes that make up the infrastructure for the ISMS, and further to implement, continuously monitor and enhance its performance, provide resources to attain its goals and targets, and abide by the legal and other necessities.

Sedef Shipyard is conscious of the facts that information security is a responsibility that all employees bear and in the event of voluntary and involuntary loss or misuse of information, both the Company and its stakeholders may come to harm.

In this regard, Sedef Shipyard is responsible for the following:

  • Establishing, implementing, and continuously monitoring and enhancing an information security management system according to TSE 27001 ISMS standards; to protect the privacy, integrity, and accessibility of information assets.
  • Identifying and periodically evaluating the authorities, roles, and responsibilities to establish and operate the ISMS.
  • Abiding by all legal regulations and contractual agreements concerning information security.
  • Periodically identifying risks and taking actions to manage these risks to protect information and information assets.
  • Preparing and testing business continuity plans to prevent the interruption of operations or providing for the responsibilities to the Company stakeholders, in case of any events.
  • Managing any information security breaches and work for its nonrecurrence.
  • With the understanding that human factor is the most important factor in information security, holding training sessions for raising awareness on information security among the employees and other critical stakeholders, and monitoring their results.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

The only way to provide and maintain a healthy work environment is to eliminate any and all dangerous circumstances, behaviours, and negative environmental conditions that may result in an accident, injury, or sickness.  Sedef Shipyard always aims to abide by the “WORK SAFETY FIRST” principle, and undertakes to take all precautions to prevent occupational illnesses and accidents.

No work or project is more important or urgent than providing the safety of people and their health. In this regard, Sedef Shipyard promises to constantly research and develop methods and principles that can provide better working standards in shipbuilding as well as provide the safety of all its employees.

Working towards adoption of this mindset across all levels of the company, Sedef Shipyard makes it obligatory for its managers to understand the essence and importance of legally binding regulations surrounding occupational health and safety, who is in turn obligated to train people under them accordingly and make sure every employee implements these principles into their work. All employees are responsible for application of these principles and report directly to their immediate manager in accordance.

To further emphasize the importance of this policy, the management of the company has produced the occupational health and safety plan in writing and distributed to all employees, while assigning the department managers to be the direct monitoring agents of this policy.  

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