About Us

Sedef Shipyard was first established in 1972 in Gebze, before moving to its current location in Tuzla in 1990. With more than 200 projects successfully completed to date, Sedef Shipyard has been operating under its parent company Turkon Holding since 2000, which belongs to one of the most established families in the Turkish maritime sector.

Turkon Holding has roots dating back to 1954, when Kalkavan Family first started in shipping management. Within the 65 years that has passed since then, the Group has contributed to carrying Turkish shipping industry forward by creating two leading brands: Turkon Line in container transportation, and Sedef Shipyard in shipbuilding.

With a total of 270.000 m² area for production, 194.000 m² in Tuzla plant and 76.000 m² in Orhanlı plant, Sedef Shipyard is the largest private shipyard in Turkey in size and production capacity. Indoor production facilities amount to 51.000 m² and 12.000 m² in Tuzla and Orhanlı plants, respectively.

Operating with an annual shipbuilding capacity of 600.000 DWT, Sedef Shipyard also houses one of Turkey’s biggest dry dock with capacity to build, repair, and maintain up to 180.000 DWT vessels; as well as the capacity to lift up to 1.050 tons in the dry dock and up to 500 tons on the quay. Aiming to set an example for the industry not only with its projects, but also with its approach towards caring for the people, the sea, and the environment; Sedef Shipyard houses the largest and most environment friendly indoor painting halls in Turkey.

Technical know-how agreements and up to USD 250 million investments completed after joining Turkon Holding have made Sedef Shipyard one of the most modern shipbuilding houses in Europe.

Sedef Shipyard currently services its customers globally in: naval and commercial newbuilding, converstion projects, specialized steel constructions and industrial projects, and repair and maintenance. With around 50 years of experience and a team of over 2.000 employees, Sedef Shipyard continues to build on its successful legacy in the sector with each and every project.

In addition to its investments in technology, Sedef Shipyard also carries the ambition to always be the leading shipyard for investing in people and their safety. In light of this, Sedef Shipyard operates with numerous certificate programs and internal audit systems; and holds these certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 10002:2018, ISO 50001:2018, ISO 3834-2, and EN 1090-2 EXC4 in steel production.

Our Mission

"To produce products and services of advanced technology and high quality with a productive, efficient, and sustainable mindset for commercial and naval projects that will enhance both our geography and the world."

Our Vision

"To become a leading shipbuilding house within our geography and to become a competitive force in the global arena, by using our design and production capabilities, and our experiences in advanced technology projects of commercial and naval nature." 

Our Values

Our people: Starting with its employees, Sedef Shipyard believes in treating everyone with respect; and does not discriminate against gender, religion, language, ethnicity, identity, and/or any other potentially differentiating quality. It takes the happiness and motivation of its employees as priority and strives to create a work environment that encourages a positive, professional, and trustworthy environment.

One Team mindset: Sedef Shipyard sees team spirit as the backbone of responsible and sustainable development and success within communities. For this reason, it always strives for and encourages its employees to find opportunities in developing the One Team mindset.

Sensitivity to Health, Safety, and Environment: Understanding and accepting its responsibility to protect the people and the environment, Sedef Shipyard commits to abiding by the laws, regulations, standards, and practices aimed at this at the highest levels possible. Under this light, it expects all its employees to adopt the same sensitivity to behave in a safe and responsible manner.

Continuous Development: Sedef Shipyard sees simultaneous development of institutions and people as one of the most significant factors in achieving collective success. In addition to achieving operational excellence and high levels of productivity, it sees both professional and personal development of individuals as crucial in developing and adding value in a sustainable manner.

High quality production: Sedef Shipyard prioritizes sustainable high quality in everything it does; and adopts it as a core principle not only in its approach to its projects, but also in its approach to its employees, customers, and the environment.

Sustainable social values: Sedef Shipyard acts and operates with the understanding and responsibility of creating and adding value to its people, its country, and the greater world. As a corporate citizen of Turkey and the world, it strives to be a part of development and solution that will benefit all. With this mindset, it encourages responsible behaviour on both a corporate and on an employee level.

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