Important development in Turkey’s largest military vessel

President for Defence Industries İsmail Demir visited Sedef Shipyard with his committee to oversee the progress made in the Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu (LHD).

After getting information from Sedef Shipyard executives on the progress of TCG Anadolu, Demir talked to the media noting that the vessel is the single largest product of Turkish defense industry. “You can see the scale of the project yourself here, it will be the largest military vessel to have been built in Turkey once it’s done. As the capability, we have landing crafts capable of carrying tanks onboard and an upper flight deck suitable for landing and take-off of helicopters and, when necessary, VTOL (vertical landing & take-off) aircrafts.

We will soon see our vessel float

İsmail Demir explained that this is not simply a ship:

“In reality, it is a complete system with combat management systems, radars and weapon systems. So we are talking about a special vessel that will contribute immensely to Turkey’s naval power. We will later on publish the date for when the floating ceremony will be, but we are hoping sometime in the next year.”

He further noted that the vessel is being built block by block, just like a lego, with terrific mastery. Once we see the completed version, we will also see that there are no boundaries for Turkey to become a global power in the open seas.

It will be able to participate in landing operations

According to the agreement signed between Presidency of Defence Industries (then named Undersecretariat for Defence Industries) and Sedef Shipbuilding Inc. in 2015; the Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship TCG Anadolu Project - with 1x Multipurpose Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD), 4x Landing Craft Mechanized vessels (LCM), 2x Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) vessels, 2x Rigid Inflatable Boats (RHIB), and 1x guidance purposed commander boat  - officially took effect on September 18th of 2015.

TCG Anadolu will be utilized in the Aegean, Black Sea, and Mediterranean regions and when necessary in Indian Ocean (north of Arabian Peninsula, west of India) and Atlantic Ocean (west of Europe, northwest of Africa). The vessel will be able to transport an amphibious troop along with required combat and support vehicles to crisis regions, and participate in landing operations with the landing crafts it carries in its dock without any support from main base. In addition, it will have a flight deck that will enable it to run operations both during the day and at night with the heaviest NATO helicopters available and Osprey planes with flexible rotors.

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